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Welcome to Debt Help & Advice Ltd. we offer debt solutions from informal arrangements such as Debt Management Plans and IVA’s through to the most formal Bankruptcy. Uniquely we also offer a debt reduction plan which amongst many things concentrates on the enforceability of debts.

We offer a one stop shop for debt solutions. Whatever your particular needs we will have a debt option to meet your requirements.

We know how stressful it can be when you are in financial difficulties. Its our goal to provide the assistance to help you through the bad times and get you back in control of your finances. The aim of our website is to help gain a better understanding of the debt options that could be right for you.

Feel free to browse our site at your leisure, but don’t worry if you don’t understand it all. Unfortunately the debt world is full of terminology and abbreviations so we have set-up a handy debt glossary to help you understand some of the language you may read.

If you want a full understanding of your debt options and how we can help meet your specific needs, then get in touch with one of our trained advisors. Our friendly staff are there to help, so don’t worry about asking any questions about your debt difficulties. No question is stupid.

Why choose Debt Help & Advice to discuss debt solutions?

  • Prompt service, understanding and professional advice that’s all about finding the most suitable solution for you.
  • Full range of debt solutions that include a plan that first focuses on the validity of the claims made by your creditors
  • Through offering a comprehensive range of debt options we are not swayed to offering a particularly solution.  What is right for you is our primary concern.

If you delay dealing with your financial problems, things can often become much worse. That’s why we believe you have nothing to lose through chatting over your options.  Why don’t you contact one of our debt advisers today to begin taking back control of your finances.

Please note, if you make payments to Debt Help & Advice using a debit card, then payments will appear as DH & A Ltd + 0161 6159050 on your card statement

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